Meet Our Residents:


Chantha Thang

My name is Chantha Thang and I am from Siem Reap province. I was born in a big family of ten in a remote area, 30 km from the city. In my village only a few students graduate from High School. This is usually because of a lack of finances, a lack of motivation or a lack of understanding the importance of education. I graduated from High School at the end of 2012. After graduation, I decided to ordain as a monk.  

During the four years of my monk-hood, as a student of the Lord Buddha I learned, practiced and experienced the teachings of Buddhism and was able to share them with the general public. I was extremely honored to work with other monks. I was invited to participate Summer Ordination for sharing the Dharma to nuns twice: the first time in Koh Kong province in 2015 and the second time in Battambang province in May 2017. After spending four years leading a peaceful, pure, and happy life as a monk I decided to disrobe in June 2017 in order to attain a Bachelor’s degree at Royal University of Law and Economics major in Law in Phnom Penh.

I am pursuing a degree in International Human Rights Law. I wish to be an instructor in law and work with local and international organizations that aim to bring justice and equality to their communities. I believe that education can liberate me from poverty and unlock my potential.

I learned about ACE while working at Digital Divide Data. Because I still couldn’t support myself I decided to apply to ACE. I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to live and learn at ACE. The organization allows me to build on my existing skill set through training programs and courses as well as providing me with a cost-effective residence. Here I am able to learn from the many resident students, staff, and presidents. The environment here is nurturing and kind. A big thank you to everyone at ACE who has given me this opportunity.

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