Meet Our Residents:


Vichhara Kham

My name is Vichhara Kham, and I am 22 years old. I come from the poorest, most remote region in Svay Rieng province. Now I’m in my 2nd year of studying Economic Development at Norton University. I have a big family, with eight siblings: four brothers and four sisters. I am the 7th child in the family. My parents are farmers. Some of my sisters work as garment workers and my brothers work in construction in order to help support my family.

I have been living in Phnom Penh since I graduated high school in 2012. I worked in a shoe factory for 3 months. Then I worked in a restaurant as a cashier. When I was working, I used to dream about studying at University and choosing the major that I am most interested in. I applied for work in Digital Divide Data (DDD) organization as a photo editor. DDD provided all DMO for me to study at university. Now I am a scholarship resident of Advanced Centre for Empowerment (ACE). ACE provides me accommodation and many training courses that have taught me how to work as a team, how to be a leader, while improving my management skills, and leadership skills. While I am staying here I will try my best to improve my knowledge and work experience in order to help society. In the future, I want to be an economist analyzer to help develop my country. I also want to share what knowledge I have learned from ACE to the next generation of Cambodian people.

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