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The 2020 expectation of ACE and our project centres will be a great year and way forward for us and we expect to do more for our disadvantaged children, youth and communities as we were so ready.

However, storms have arrived; the CoronaVirus pandemic outbreak caused all of our four centres suspended and all fundraisers have been cancelled. During the suspension of classes at the centres, our team, the residents and volunteers have spent their value able time to plan a lot of activities and to set up, renovate the centre, replace new the broken chairs and learning materials to be ready for the reopening of our centres. Another storm arrived, our Young Leaders Centre (YLC) community which has been around since 1995 was removed and relocated forcefully and urgently by the government and local authorities. This slum removal was affected by roughly 650 people from 135 families living under the roofs 87 households including over 70 of our regular students from 50 families and other over 100 children in the slum.

In 2020 after several weeks of noticing YLC slum about the removal of the community, the local authorities requested the people meet on the July 8, 2020 to pick up a lucky-draw on the for an empty four-by-fifteen-meter (4x15m) plot of land in the empty field where there is no electricity and no running water for each household for a replacement which is located about 45km away from the previous YLC slum community. (Please, see the pictures below:

Regarding the challenging situation we are facing at the moment, we would like to seek your kind support for this urgent needs in help. Your kind support and contribution of any amount to the needy is much highly appreciated and thankful for as you are giving back to the society.


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Slum Removal:


YLC New Place


Reflecting on our YLC project background, the 2017, with the great support from Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF), was a transformation year for everyone who lives in the slum which was situated next to a garbage dumpsite and originally and practically, people have scavenged through the dumpsite for the recycles. Each family has an average of four children, and 75% of all children are under 18 years of age. The majority of children are left to their own devices so they don’t attend school and do not get the necessary exposure to good hygiene practices. They suffer from recurring illnesses that are related to living in such close proximity to a dumpsite and they rarely have any health checks. The young people here are mostly unemployed and in turn, they fall into a life of begging, petty crime and teenage pregnancy, which only serves to perpetuate the same cycle of poverty within the next generation.

Through YLC, we were able to provide various innovative activities which benefit community as a whole including free healthcare & health education, non-formal education, and training to hundreds of children, youths and community residents at this slum. In addition to our core programs, YLC also established many extra activities including setting up Library, Toy Rooms, organizing cleaning up campaign for the community and bringing almost a hundred of children to see outside world through a regular school excursion program. We thank so much for your time, expertise and generosity of spirit in helping the YLC community people. It has certainly made a tremendous difference in both the physical and emotional well being of the entire community.

Please join us to make the world a better place! Thank you so much!



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Wat Thann

Young Leader