Our Team

Christina Lien – Australian Team Member for ACE


Christina is a big picture blue sky thinker. She recently completed her studies at Flinders University, with a Master’s in Public Administration. There she made a positive impact by influencing the Flinders University Faculty Dean and Lecturers to act in the best interests of students by providing extra workshops to fulfil the missing gaps in learning as well as lobbying for extra study space for postgraduate students on campus, which was achieved.

Christina is a qualified lawyer and a keen advocate for issues that affect the most vulnerable people in our global society. She therefore uses her knowledge and skill to tutor children from refugee backgrounds and volunteers her time to community causes. She attended the Young Diplomats Forum, London in September 2014 to connect with global advocates and networks who all aspire to develop a better future. Using Christina’s experience and energy, she would like to contribute to Advanced Centre for Empowerment future by fundraising and advocating for ACE’s mission wherever she can.

Saing Sokchea (Ray) – Executive Director



As a founder and former Executive Director of Advanced Centre for Empowerment (ACE), Sokchea (Ray) Saing has been at the forefront of youth empowerment in Cambodia since 2009. He has worked tirelessly to deliver a service to meet the demands of the Cambodia impoverished community needs, whilst also serving on the board of other NGO’s and Vice President the Rotary Club, Phnom Penh Metro Area.

Sokchea has gained a number of scholarships and awards from the USA, Singapore and Australia on Leadership, Peace-building and Community Work and in 2009 was awarded a Winston Fellowship to attend the Global Summer Peace-building Institute Program on Leadership and Conflict Transformation at Eastern Mennonite University, USA.

Sokchea has completed a four-year course on Leadership Skills at the dormitory Crossroad Center and gained his Bachelor in Law and a Masters in Private Law from the Royal University of Law and Economics.

He was able to complete a Master of Public Administration (Management) at Flinders University, Australia and was a representative for the Cambodian Australian Network of Students and President of Cambodian Student Association in South Australia. During his time in Australia, Sokchea was appointed Cambodian Community Liaison Officer at Taylor Electorate Office for Mrs Leesa Vlahos PM, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and an organizer for the National Union of Workers.

Sokchea is a competent trainer, facilitator and a dynamic public speaker on a variety of topics, delivering workshops to more than 6,000 diverse participants. Recently, he was invited to deliver a keynote speech on ‘Reviewing of Social Services in Cambodia’ at 2015 International Conference on Long-Term Care Social Work and Humanistic Practice in Taiwan.


Tith Hieng Seka – Trainer


Tith Hieng Seka is a trainer to ACE staff, volunteers and partners. She received the Australia Award scholarship and completed her Master degree of Disability and Social Inclusion from Flinders University in 2014. During her time in Australia, she engaged some jobs related with supporting children with facing behavioral disorder, as well as clients with post-traumatic disorder and a range of other mental health issues.

Prior to studying in Australia, Seka completed her Master Degree of Development and Management from Norton University in 2011 and worked with children, women and people with disabilities for a number of years. Her academic background and experiences has enabled her to pursue her passion in building society, through increasing capacity of children, youth or adults in Cambodia.

Youth is an agent of change and the future generation of any community. Therefore, empowering youth with knowledge and skills is paramount to enabling them to contribute positively to society in the future. She believes that young people display a strong desire to improve their life when they are motivated and adequately supported, which can be achieved through training, reading, observing and other related methods. Seka is a believer of this as she says, “I strongly believe in the power of education and training and youth should be able to access these because they are future leaders”.


Net Kosal – Project Manager, Rudi Boa Centre



Net Kosal begun his NGO career in 2007, volunteer for the human rights and education charity Bridges Across Borders (now known as Equitable Cambodia). He soon rose to become Assistant Coordinator, before being hired as a permanent member of staff in 2008. Kosal joined ACE in September 2009 as an Educating Officer and Sports Educator at the Rudi Boa Centre, where he worked closely with our Managing Director, Phana Srun. Kosal has always been one of the most dedicated and committed members of the ACE family, and his willingness to contribute to all areas of our operations was rewarded in January 2013, when he was made Project Manager of the Rudi Boa Centre. He is responsible for the operations, programs and upkeep of the school, and also conducts English classes there regularly.

Before joining ACE Kosal graduated from the National Institute of Business in 2011, having achieved a full scholarship to study a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Yorn Yot – Project Manager, Wat Thann Heimberg Centre


YotYorn Yot, After ACE’s current Project Manager of the Wat Thann Heimberg Centre and International Volunteer Service Program Organizer received a scholarship to study at Khemarak University in 2011, he moved to Phnom Penh to pursue his education. Yot studied Human Resource Management at the university, while also working as a security guard from 10pm to 6am.

In July of 2012, Yot received the scholarship to stay at ACE. He became an English teacher for the advanced class, and became involved as a training assistant on the weekends. By the following March, he had received a promotion, becoming Centre Coordinator at ACE’s Wat Thann Heimberg Centre (WTHC). He additionally served as secretary, and then Vice President, of the Rotaract Club of Phnom Penh Metro.

In December of 2015, he received an additional promotion, becoming Project Manager of WTHC and Organizer of our International Volunteer Service program.

Tep Dyna – Accountant



Tep Dyna has worked as the Accountant and as the assistant to the project manager of the Weekend Training Program for a year. Dyna manages all financial activities, observing cash flow within the organization, utilizing grants and auditing finances to monitor our daily expenses and create financial statement reports. His experience goes beyond finance, as he has been involved in the Rotaract Club of Phnom Penh Metro since 2013, including a promotion to Club President in 2015. He volunteers teaching English to other residents of ACE, and gives speeches throughout his community to inspire parents to send their children to school. “Education can bring us from one side to the other side of the river”, Dyna says.

Nob Sreyno – the Homestay Manager of the Experience Cambodia Program



Nob Sreyno, the Homestay Manager of the Experience Cambodia Program, studied Banking and Finance at the Royal University of Law and Economics. As ACE’s first Homestay Manager working with a new program, Sreyno interacts with international guests and visiting volunteers, preparing their room and ensuring their comfort, sharing Khmer culture, and organizing activities for them to see Phnom Penh.

Promoted to staff from volunteer, Sreyno also works as an English teacher, and as an Accountant Assistant with the Advanced Centre for Empowerment , balancing three jobs and gaining valuable and marketable experience in new fields. “The experience from both jobs is so different, but it is so good,” she says. Sreyno has been with ACE for three years.

Kong Sreypov – Training Organizer



Kong Sreypov, ACE’s Training Organizer from Takeo province, expects to graduate from the Build Bright University in June, 2016, with a degree in Bank and Finance.

Currently, she is a scholarship resident at the Advanced Centre for Empowerment, where she has worked since July of 2013. Sreypov served as Assistant Accountant from 2013 until June 2015, but was promoted to Training Organizer in 2015. Additionally, she assists with the weekend Khmer traditional dance program, both in class and outside, coordinating performances for events and guests, preparing lessons, and helping keep order in the class.

Sreypov has various other forms of volunteer experience, from planning and pushing products with Suntex Factory, to interning with 3G Agent. Co., Ltd Company, and serving as Treasurer with the Rotaract Club in Phnom Penh.

Horvann Vuthy – IT officer



Horvann Vuthy, our IT officer from the Banteay Meanchey province, joined the Attitude Centre for Education in 2013. He first began to volunteer at the Wat Thann Heimberg Centre as an assistant to the English teacher. In 2014, he expanded his service and became the IT officer for the Advnanced Centre for Empowerment. He demonstrated his hard work and commitment through updating the information on ACE’s website, and various other projects in the office. In January of 2016, Vuthy was promoted to part time staff. “Thanks to my volunteer work, I learned a lot about time management, working attitude and communication skills,” he said.

Vuthy is also involved in the Rotaract Club of Phnom Penh Metro as a Facebook Admin Leader.

He is a fourth year scholarship student at Cambodian Mekong University, studying Information Technology, and expects to graduate in 2016.