Kandal Community Centre

Kandal Community Centre (KCC) is situated about 60 kilometres from Phnom Penh in Kandal Province. This province is considered one of the wealthier provinces of our country, however many of the province’s rural areas continue to face enormous difficulties. In response to this we opened our newest centre, Kandal Community Centre (KCC) in Po Meav Village, located deep in the Cambodian countryside.


The centre was officially opened on May 28th, 2017 occupying the building that was formerly home to Po Meav Primary School . The aim of this centre is to promote learning English, sports, the arts to the 350 children living in this community. In addition to the lessons we conduct at KCC, we provide students with stationary and healthy snacks and we also provide nearly 100 families living in the village with essential housing supplies and food.

Our teachers offer beginner-level English classes at KCC. The curriculum begins with learning the English alphabet and gradually introduces vocabulary and grammar to students. The centre’s art classes are very popular and have succeeded at giving students a creative outlet for expressing themselves. We encourage our students to stay fit and healthy through our sports and recreation program, where students exercise and get to know each other better.