Meet Our Residents:

Seath Chhunlay

Chhunlay3Hello! I’m Chhunlay! I am a sophomore at the Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia studying International Relations. I was born and raised in Sdech nn village, Krola commune, Kampong Siem district, Kampong Cham province. I’m currently located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I am passionate about communication, national and international history, and volunteering in society in order to develop as a person and help others. I especially love working with all the people in our surrounding communities. Through this work, I gain knowledge, experiences, leadership skills, and so on.

I firmly believe that through studying Foreign Affairs, I can learn from historical stories and gain effective communication skills that will push me to be a good diplomat in the near future. I strongly believe that being a diplomat is about the representation and protection of the interests and rights of the state, with a focus on the promotion of information, trade and commerce, technology, and relationships. I hope to become a key person who can develop my country to be better than it is at present.Chhunlay

Outside of my field, I enjoy spending time to joining a lot of forums and competitions. I won 1st place for a presentation at Pact and 1st place in debating at Youth Resource Development Program. However, I lost a debate at Youth Advisory Cambodia. For this program, even though I lost I still felt like I won. I won for myself, winning over any anxieties that I had when I joined, adapting to difficult situations, learning from the other potential participants, and inspiring myself and others. Moreover, I can share most of my experiences, whether I won or lost, with others on why I won or why I lost. This can help them to find the key to unlock and improve their own capabilities as well.

Finally, I would love to say many thanks to Advanced Centre for Empowerment. This organization gives me good soft skills, great connections, perspective, motivation, and a lot of opportunities!


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